Honey's Healthy Hive

Saving The Pollinators Since 2016

-   ABOUT US  -


Honey's Healthy Hive is a small family run company located in University Place, WA

Our focus is on saving and raising awareness of all pollinators. We raise honeybees using all sustainable practices and choose to never use pesticides. The honey we harvest is separated by hive to maintain the delicious taste of each honey. It is always left raw not heated even a tiny bit. We believe leaving in as much goodness as possible is the way honey should be. We produce from our own honey a line of infused honeys, creamed and whipped honeys as well as elderberry infused honey. We continue to expand our 100% raw honey offerings.

Our honey is currently used by :

  • Chef Shawn Tibbitts in his Farm-to-Table restaurant Tibbitts@Fernhill

  • Bliss Small Batch Creamery, University Place's own icecream shop, in two of their flavors

including Honey Vanilla and Honey Lavender

  • The Blue Octopus Champagne and Art Gallery, located in the Proctor District, in their food offerings 

including fresh honeycomb on their cheese plates

We also relocate wild hives from unwanted areas to safe locations. Placing most of our hives into yards around our community as part of our pollination program. Besides honeybees we will relocate bumblebee nests as well. Providing them with safe spaces to thrive 

We speak at local schools and businesses about what we all can do to help all pollinators survive. Including planting a variety of pollinator friendly foliage, flowers and trees.

Pollinators include honeybees, bumblebees, mason bees plus many other bees. Pollinators also include hummingbirds, wasps, moths and a variety of other bugs. All equally important