Available in orders of 12 or more. With the option to have me add tags with your choice of customization, included in price.
Perfect for teacher, neighbor or party favors. As well as gift baskets or stocking stuffers! 
We've also done hundreds for weddings. These look so cute displayed on the sign in table. Ribbon color can match your wedding colors!

3oz Jars

  • Minimum of 12 jars per order for our 3oz jars. Orders of these sizes come with customizable tags. Please contact us with customization options.

    Examples are

    "Happy Birthday, ______"

    "Merry Christmas, Love The Clark Family"

    "It's a Boy\Girl"

    "Hoping Your Year Is Sweet As You"

    "Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Clark"

    "Thank You For All You Do"

  • The texture of the honey will change depending on where it's stored. As the temperature changes during the year, your honey may crystallize or become solid. There is nothing wrong with the honey in this state. Some even prefer it this way. If you prefer the honey to be liquid versus solid all you need to do is heat it on a low temp in water. Once honey is heated (also know as pasturization) it will not become solid again. Please keep in mind during this process low heat may be okay but if you heat the honey with too high of heat it will kill the beneficial properties of the honey. Low and slow is the best practice if you do choose to heat.

    Honey does not have an expiration date.