We are licensed by the WSDA to produce this product.
Our elderberry syrup is made using just 2 ingredients. Organic elderberries that we juice ourselves and our own honey from our beehives. Our bees are raised completely sustainable using no pesticides or toxic chemicals. We maintain all of our own beehives and they are all kept in University Place, Fircrest or North Tacoma.
Our elderberries are juiced in small batches. And come from wild harvested and organic sources.
Every batch of elderberry syrup is made by hand. We stir the honey into the juice producing no more than a few dozen bottles at a time. Lots of love goes into this high quality and delicious product. 
Each bottle comes with a dropper style top to make it very easy to administer. Whole family friendly product. Kids approve and continue to ask for this delicious syrup. Our elderberry is like nothing you've ever tasted.

Elderberry Syrup - 6oz

  • Our elderberry has a high honey content. It will last on the counter for 3 weeks unless exposed to high temperatures. We suggest refridgeration to keep the product fresh for 3 months. But do know the product is stable enough to carry around for the day or packing into your bag for long distance trip. Just store in the fridge when possible

  • We are happy to offer tag customization on large orders of our bigger,16oz, 12oz and 9oz jars. As well as on our elderberry. Minumum orders of 12 for included customization. 

    Bulk orders occasionally will include a discount. Please contact us to see if your large order can be discounted.

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